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Tim Tebow not ready for prime time

The irony is not lost on the city of Denver that John Elway is judging a QB controversy between Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow. This is like Heidi Klum judging a bikini contest at a fat farm. Doesn't matter anyway. It's over. Orton won by the kind of margin Kim Jong Il wins elections. If it had been a pee wee basketball game, they'd have turned the scoreboard off. You knew Orton won if you attended the intrasquad scrimmage Saturday at Mile High Who The Hell Ever Heard of Invesco Stadium. Orton was poised, sharp and studied. He would've been 7-for-7 if it weren't for two drops and some clumsy sideline footwork by receiver Eric Decker. Tebow, meanwhile, looked like a man being chased by bees. He barely got off a pass (1-for-3) and was sacked three times. Nice kid, sincere as a first kiss, but he's not ready yet, might never be ready. Somebody alert the Filipino missionaries. If he doesn't improve, he might be among them sooner than we thought. << MORE >>

Daily Show’s John Oliver Hates Tim Tebow Like He Hates Bin Laden

People either love or hate Tim Tebow and his chaste ways. Some people think Tebow is Damian. Some people think Tebow is a guiding light. Then there’s Daily Show correspondent and comedian John Oliver, who in this clip explains that he devoutly despises Tebow, the Denver Broncos rookie (Video included). << MORE >>

Tebow Game-Worn Jersey...what, only $10,000?!

Looking for a nice piece of overpriced Tim Tebow memorabilia? Listed on JoSportsCo.com is one game-worn jersey going for a mere $10,000. It is from the Broncos regular season game again the Indianapolis Colts on September 26, 2010. Keep in mind this is game-worn, not game used as Tim Tebow did not take a snap this game. It is one bench ridden game jersey. I would'nt pay $10,000 for a Joe Montana game-worn jersey let alone this pine rider. Or, if you were a Broncos fan (good luck with that), for $10,000 you could buy a game-used Kyle Orton ($2,500), Champ Bailey ($2,500) , Brandon Marshall ($1,250), Correll Buckhalter ($1,000), Laurence Maroney ($1,500 - no weed included), and Jabar Gaffney ($750) game-used jerseys and still have $500 left over.<< MORE >>

Tim Tebow Minutia: Tebow Affiliated With Furniture Row

In news everyone has been waiting to hear, Denver Broncos backup quarterback Tim Tebow has signed an endorsement deal with Furniture Row, the Denver Post reports. Tebow also has endorsement deals with Jockey and Nike. Just imagine what kind of deals he could get once he becomes a starting quarterback in the NFL and succeeds. Or maybe he'll turn those deals down, since he's that kind of guy.<< MORE >>

The Almighty Tim Tebow Blesses Broncos with TD

Tebow-fever is about to get cranked up as the 2-3 Denver Broncos turn to Tim Tebow to look for ways to energize their offense. Tebow is being shuffled more into the offense in their home game against the New York Jets this weekend and the move has already proved beneficial. Tebow lined up in the shotgun format and ran 5 yards to the right for a score than evened the game at 7-7. Kyle Orton did start for the Broncos at QB and Tebow is being used in special packages for Denver’s offense. It’s technically Tebow’s first NFL touchdown but he did get banged up in preseason with this little score. But since preseason doesn’t count, Tebow had to wait until now to get his TD.<< MORE >>

Tim Tebow Will Be Face Of Jockey Underwear

The signing of Tebow was not surprising because all Heisman Trophy winners that are huge NFL question marks should be signed to multi-year endorsement deals. But even for Tebow, the timing was odd because the angelic quarterback was a third-stringer. On top of that, what's creepier than the thought of a self-professed virgin in his tighty whiteys. In May, Tebow said that he had already turned down 7-figure endorsement deals because they he thought they may be a distraction from football.<< MORE >>

Nike signs Tim Tebow

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that Tebow, the Heisman Trophy-winning Florida quarterback, has signed a shoe and apparel deal with Nike that will pay him just under $300,000 a year at minimum, with incentives that could earn him significantly more than that. Even if Tebow’s NFL career consists mostly of standing on a sideline holding a clipboard, there will be plenty of fans who will want to purchase any shoes and apparel that Tebow endorses. After all, if hundreds of people will line up to spend $160 on Tebow’s autograph, it stands to reason that quite a few will be willing to spend quite a bit on Tebow’s shoes as well.<< MORE >>

Tim Tebow Says He Has Turned Down 'Seven-Figure' Endorsement Deals

When the Broncos shocked the NFL by taking Tim Tebow in the first round of last month's NFL draft, the one certainty for Broncos fans was that the former Heisman Trophy winner would give the team its most marketable player since John Elway. Now, Tebow is saying he's actually turned down several seven-figure deals because he thought they would be a distraction from football. "I'm trying to work hard and not get my mind cluttered with all that," Tebow told the Memphis Commercial Appeal. "When it gets to the point when something needs to be presented to me, I see it. Right now, it's all ball for me." << MORE >>

Tim Tebow demoted to No. 3 in Denver

Tim Tebow is now the Broncos’ third string quarterback. Tim Tebow was bumped down to third string on Sunday after initial hopes that Tebow could sit at the second string for the team. Earlier in September, Tebow was designated Broncos’ backup for Kyle Orton. At the time Adam Shefter had reported that the Broncos had an offensive plan in plan when Tebow played to draw from his skills. Brady Quinn was active on Sunday as Kyle Orton's backup. It was a little strange that Tebow wasn't active as at least a running option with running back Knowshon Moreno hurt. Coach Josh McDaniels said that Tim Tebow's demotion to emergency third quarterback was based on last week's practices. Tebow has said he had made changes to his game. But those changes were apparently not enough to get picked over Quinn. “It’s not like it feels awkward to me now. I’m excited about the changes I’ve made.”<< MORE >>

Trey Burton breaks Tim Tebow's record by scoring six touchdowns for Florida

Gators freshman backup quarterback-receiver Trey Burton scored six touchdowns, five on runs and a sixth on a pass reception, to break Tebow's school record in a 48-14 win against Kentucky. Tebow had five touchdowns in the Gators' 2007 game against South Carolina, his Heisman Trophy season. He became the first SEC player to score six touchdowns in one game since Cadillac Williams in 2003 vs. Mississippi State. Burton is the fourth player in SEC history to score at least six TDs in one contest. "Trey Burton was fantastic. ... There were a lot of great players that played in this stadium and he broke some records,'' Gators coach Urban Meyer said. << MORE >>

Tim Tebow not subbing for Kyle Orton

Broncos fans wishing to see more of Tim Tebow might get more of the same instead. Denver coach Josh McDaniels said Monday that he's not planning to use his raw rookie quarterback much differently than he did in his NFL debut Sunday, when the former Florida star was on the field for just three snaps in a 24-17 loss at Jacksonville. The college football icon, who grew up in Jacksonville, entered on the third play and gained a yard on a quarterback keeper on first-and-10, something he'd do again in the second quarter after lining up once at wide receiver. Even when Tebow did go in, starting quarterback Kyle Orton stayed on the field and relayed the plays given to him through his headset, and McDaniels said he'd like to keep it that way."I don't think I have any desire to do that with Kyle coming off the field, coming on the field, coming off," McDaniels said. "I don't think that's really something that we're looking to do much of. Like I said yesterday after the game, I think our quarterback played pretty well. I think he will play well. [I have] great confidence in his ability to execute what we're doing."<< MORE >>

Beating Up on Tebow in Jacksonville

The Jaguars had a sellout for their opener on Sunday, the crowd boosted by the presence of the Broncos rookie Tim Tebow, who played high school football and college football nearby. While Tebow’s No. 15 jersey — in both Broncos and Florida Gators blue — was the most popular one in the rarely filled stands, the one he actually wore barely got dirty. If you weren’t at the game you may not know that as part of the pregame festivities the Jaguars’ mascot kicked around a guy in a Tebow jersey and then the Jags’ teal men dragged him off the field. Later in the game the Jags’ mascot shoved a cake in #15’s face.<< MORE >>

Tebow a non-factor in hometown debut with Broncos

It was clear that a large number of the 63,000 fans had arrived to see Tebow, the son of two evangelical Christian missionaries, take his first steps in the professional game after winning two national titles while playing in university about 70 miles away from Jacksonville. Broncos jerseys with Tebow's name were worn by spectators, including some who confirmed they were not supporters of the Broncos but were just admirers of the rookie quarterback. "I'm a Tebow fan. I like the way he lives. I like his testimony, I like the way he takes care of his business and that he is a humble person," said Jerry Crews from nearby Macclenny. The clean-cut Tebow may have dominated in college football but there have been no shortage of pundits predicting failure for him in the more physically and tactically demanding NFL. "He has tried to change that passing motion, if he changes that well enough to release the ball quicker, he can do pretty good I think, it will take time to adjust but he can do it," said University of Florida fan, Matthew Cameron. "He is great for football, he is a good person and a role model."<< MORE >>

Week 1: Jaguars - Tim Tebow is coming to town. Who cares.

No, seriously; who cares? Is Denver excited about Luke McCown? I guess I should not be surprised by the fanfare and excitement for aback up player coming into this Sunday's football game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Denver Broncos. I guess I had too much faith in people being realistic. It shouldn't, but it really irks me when people talk about how important Sunday's game is and bring up Tim Tebow.It irks me when reporters ask the Jaguars players about Tebow and all the fans in the stands, and I hope the players find it insulting and play with a chip because of it. Sunday's football game is very important, but Tim Tebow doesn't tip the importance scale the slightest as far as I'm concerned. The only thing I'm interested in seeing Sunday in regards to Tim Tebow, is how all these new "Broncos" fans are going to react as the game goes. If they're Bronco's fans and Orton struggles, do they turn on him and call for Tim? If Orton is successful and makes big plays, are they going to cheer and get excited even though that means a longer bench term for Tim?<< MORE >>

Turning point: Tebow’s turnovers

The final preseason game, for the most part, is meaningless to most players who will be factors during the 2010 season. The Vikings thought so little of the game that they benched 20 of their 22 starters. But for one player, Thursday’s game had much more significance than just about anyone else and the results were far less than anticipated. Denver first-round draft pick, Tim Tebow, was expected to put in a strong performance, but it was numerous mistakes that he made in the first half that turned a lackluster Vikings performance on offense into the turning point of the game. The Vikings struggled badly in the first half to get any sort of offense generated, but it was Denver shooting itself in the foot offensively that kept the game from being a lopsided lead for the Broncos and most of the problems were the direct result of Tebow mistakes. While Denver would rally in the second half, perhaps the most important person in Thursday’s game was Tebow. There were high expectations for him coming into the game. As it ended – with four turnovers and turning the ball over on downs on his first five drives – Tebow did little to inspire confidence in his coaching staff and teammates, creating a self-destructive turning point.<< MORE >>

I've Had Enough of Tim Tebow

Tebow, ever since he first chose to play his amateur football at UF,has been the most talked about athlete by a wide margin, even though his skill set and style of play leave him little hope for success as the pro level. He has no significant college passing records—a large amount of SEC records, though—and spent the first month of every college year dominating D-II schools. He was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos, who apparently decided to draft their player based on character rather then on skill level. His play for Denver this preseason has been about average. People would rather talk about him and ignore the outstanding improvements of fellow QB, Kyle Orton. His supporter's chalk him up as a selfless individual, but he is known as a scrambling quarterback, a selfish quality that has doomed the pro careers of Akili Smith, Michael Vick, and Vince Young. The greatness of Tim Tebow is as false as any politician running for office. His trips to the deepest and darkest southern hemisphere prisons to lecture inmates about God are as false as Sean Penn bringing photographers with him to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina so his"acts of kindness" could be aired all over the world. ESPN analysts tell glowing remarks about his character. They are as lame as Fox News reporters preaching conservative ideals, or Bill Maher discussing Barack Obama like he's some 21st century prophet. It's not a bad thing to think of Tebow as a great quarterback, but he doesn't deserve to be called one.<< MORE >>

Radio Station Launches Campaign To “Get Tim Tebow Laid”

A radio station in Orlando has launched a campaign to “Get Tim Tebow Laid.” WJRR’s website has posted a video of a girl named Tiffany, who presumably works at the station, announcing she’s on a quest to snatch the quarterback’s famously guarded virginity. “I hear he has a purity ring,” she says. “And he’s definitely a virgin. Even though everybody says he’s not, I can see it in his eyes. That boy needs some action.” Oh, also: “I’m gonna rub that bald head of yours.” Bam. Gauntlet thrown down. Tebow has until the middle of next month to give up the goods, or else they will apparently be taken by force. “I’m sure there’s girls that want it, but I’m gonna take it. You have until September 12th, and then your virginity is mine. I’m Tiffany, and I’m gonna get Tim Tebow laid.” Yes, the site includes a “Countdown 2 Impurity.” Here’s video of Tebow telling a group of reporters that he plans to wait until marriage. << MORE >>

Broncos' Tim Tebow skips practice with possible rib injury

Rookie quarterback Tim Tebow's first foray into an NFL end zone appears to have left him with injured ribs. Denver's rookie quarterback missed his first practice of training camp Wednesday after jogging off the field during warm-ups. While the Broncos aren't saying what's wrong with their first-round draft pick from Florida, Tebow might be feeling the effects of his game-ending 7-yard touchdown run in his pro debut Sunday night. Wearing flak jacket-like extra passing around his ribs this week, Tebow participated in both workouts Tuesday when the Broncos reconvened, but he skipped the post-practice wind sprints. About 10 minutes into warm-ups Wednesday, Tebow huddled with head athletic trainer Steve Antonopulos and appeared to be favoring his left rib cage or abdomen as he jogged off the field and into the team's headquarters.<< MORE >>

Tim Tebow Releases Premium XXX Website for Members of Media

Tim Tebow announced today the opening of the brand new TimTebow.com, a website with premium paid access for reporters and members of the media who just can't get enough of the Broncos QB. For only $19.99 per month, ESPN commentators and talk radio hosts can get a behind the scenes look at Tebow's most personal information, just in case there is no trivial Tebow news they can use that day to shoehorn in another discussion of the quarterback. You can pick up a Luke McCown jersey from the Jacksonville Jaguars, a Zac Robinson jersey from the New England Patriots, or a Chiefs jersey that just says Kansas City on the back. The site is also causing a stir because of its XXX section, which has photos and videos of a nude Tim Tebow working out and running fake combine tests. << MORE >>

Report: Tebow using hyperbaric chamber

The celebrity website TMZ.com is reporting that Denver Broncos rookie and Florida Gator hero Tim Tebow has had a hyperbaric oxygen chamber delivered to his hotel room at the Broncos' training camp and TMZ says he's been using the device for more than two years — since his days as a Gator. TMZ quotes Ric Rooney, owner of Pikes Peak Hyperbaric, as saying Tebow purchased the $20,000 device in 2008. Tebow has been getting "banged up" at practice and felt the chamber could help him heal quicker, Rooney told the website, which reported that Tebow's routine is to sit in the chamber for 60 to 90 minutes after every practice. << MORE >>

Rating Tebow’s N.F.L. Debut. How Loopy Was It?

There were also some near-disasters while Tebow was in that don’t show up in the stats — two potential interceptions that Bengals defenders dropped and a sack and fumble for a Bengals touchdown McDaniels managed to get overturned on a challenge. Tebow got his score the Tebow way — by running it in on the game’s final play. He also took the sort of sandwich hit at the goal line that explains why so many running quarterbacks in college turn into passers in the NFL.Also, he simply couldn’t get off a throw while being chased; he started into the catapult windup while rolling right, and he had to abort in order to avoid getting hit. We’re not saying he’ll never be able to change his throwing motion, but he still has a long way to go to make the window dressing that made him into a first-round pick stick. << MORE >>

Tim Tebow Loses Internet's Most Popular Haircut, 'Stylist' Takes More Credit

Linebacker Wesley Woodyard shaved the top half of Tebow's head last week, leaving him with a bald dome and a ribbon of hair around the lower portion of his forehead. The cut was reminiscent of Friar Tuck's look, and photos of Tebow sporting the awful style became an Internet sensation. "Ah, the famous Tebow haircut heard around the world," Woodyard quipped after Tuesday's practice. "When I saw his head, I was like, I've got the perfect idea for you." Woodyard said Tebow was a good sport throughout the good-natured hazing and the rest of the team got a good laugh. "He took it like a man," Woodyard said. "He said, 'Come on, Wood. Give me something good.' So I said, 'I got you. I got you.'" Did he ever.<< MORE >>

Tim Tebow Haircut

You would think that a Tim Tebow haircut would be one that would be mimicked by fans around the United States; however, the haircut he received via the Denver Bronco veterans was not one that most people would be willing to go far. It was given to him as a type of rookie passage, and was given to him from an SEC rival, just to get under Tebow’s skin that much more. Some have said that Tebow’s haircut can be compared to the Robin Hood Friar cut, leaving the middle of the head shaved in a circle with only hair around the outside. Eric Olsen of the Broncos also received the cut, and his was even worse than Tebow’s, but Tebow still managed to receive most of the press. << MORE >>

Danny Wuerffel, not Tim Tebow, is greatest Gator ever

Both Tebow and Wuerffel won one national title and a Heisman as a starting quarterback. Yes, Tebow was a contributor to a second national title but Chris Leak, not Tebow, was the starter in 2006. And don’t forget, Wuerffel as a starter led his team to TWO national title games; Tebow as a stater led his team to one national title game. Wuerffel also gets extra credit for being the first Gator quarterback to lead his team to a national championship. I’ve made this comparison before with Steve Spurrier and Urban Meyer, but I’ll make it again with Tebow and Wuerffel: Tebow is like Boeing , a company that makes a great airplane these days and and has come up with many new aeronautical innovations. Wuerffel is the Wright Brothers. Then there is this: UF fans, coaches and players always say that winning the Southeastern Conference title is the most important goal every season. Well, then, Tebow’s teams won only two Southeastern Conference championships; Wuerffel’s teams won four. << MORE >>

An Exclusive Look Inside Tim Tebow's Contract

Tim Tebow, the most well-known name in the Draft, has signed for numbers that are being bandied about in different ranges. After talking to a couple people looking at the contract, here are what the numbers are:The guaranteed amount for Tebow as of today is $8.7 million, a whopping 18.5% increase over last year's slotted pick, Vontae Davis. However, I am told that once the contract enters year two, the guarantee is reduced to $8.45 million, still an impressive 15% increase from last year. The five-year base value of the deal is $11.25 million, a 10.3% increase over Davis's $10.2 million. As to the maximum value of the deal, the reported $33 million is accurate, but that is if Tebow earns every incentive and escalator, including millions tied to being the NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, etc. The maximum value for a quarterback rookie contract is always higher than other positions, with some previous maximums such as Joe Flacco ($29.5 million), Brady Quinn ($30 million) and Josh Freeman ($36 million). << MORE >>

Rookie Hazing Not a Problem For Tebow

This season, rookies, including Tim Tebow , have yet to catch the full brunt of their green-ness. Still, there was Tebow on Sunday, hauling equipment like the first-year player that he is. Just like most every other rookie in the league. “I don’t know that they’re buying in as much as it is they’ve already had it. I think that just coming to a team that has a great work ethic and coaches that have great work ethics so the players see that and then we have leaders that come out every day and show up and work hard. Guys like (S Brian) Dawkins and (LB Elvis) Dumervil and (QB Kyle) Orton and all those guys come out here and work hard every day and those are great leaders for everybody else to watch.” << MORE >>

Dwight Freeney “Can’t wait” to hit Tim Tebow

One of the Broncos hardest home games in 2010 will come in week 3 on September 26th against the Indianapolis Colts. While it is debated who will be the starting quarterback, common sense insists that it will be Kyle Orton. Yet, Dwight Freeney is looking forward to hitting Tim Tebow. “I couldn’t wait to hit Mark Sanchez,” Freeney told Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times. “And I can’t wait to hit Tim Tebow even more.” If Mr. Freeney is hoping to get to Tebow in September though, he has another thing coming, as I expect Tebow won’t be getting much, if any, playing time as a rookie.<< MORE >>

Jimmy Johnson, "I don't think Tebow can play in a pro-style offense"

"I don't think Tebow can play in a pro-style offense, not [at] quarterback," Jimmy Johnson said. "I think a team that's gonna look at Tim Tebow. They're gonna make one of two decisions. If they're going to bring him into their style of play, with their coaching staff, they've gotta project him to be maybe an H-back. "I don't know if he's fast enough to be a receiver, maybe he could be a tight end. [But] I don't know if he can block, I don't know if he can catch the ball. But he's gotta play another position. He can't play quarterback."<< MORE >>

The Curious Case of Tim Tebow

After an intergalactic NCAA career with the Florida Gators, Tim Tebow is receiving a real education in playing football at the NFL level. As of right now, Tebow is the third-string quarterback with the Denver Broncos. And after watching him struggle against the Broncos secondary in mini-camp, it's clear that Tebow still has a lot to learn before he's at the level where he can be a starter in the NFL.While Tebow didn't fare too badly in straight passing drills, he really struggled when facing the Broncos defence. Now in Tebow's defence, the Broncos secondary features studs like Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins. However, in the NFL there a number of teams with players just as good as Bailey or Dawkins in their secondary. Working under centre on one play, Tebow went play-action only to be picked off by safety Darcel McBath. On another play, Tebow was working under centre when he threw towards the sidelines and was almost picked off again.<< MORE >>

Is Tim Tebow Slowly Slipping Back into His Old Mechanics?

One of the recent rumors that has slipped out in between Champ Bailey, Brady Quinn, and Josh McDaniels' praise of Tim has been that his throwing mechanics aren't actually improving that drastically; he is having trouble maintaining his new throwing form. Obviously, if he developed a certain comfort level with his unorthodox style, he is going to gravitate toward using it long-term. A player's early NFL career might be, unfortunately, too late a time to teach an old dog new tricks. Should these rumors be of concern to the fans of the Denver Broncos?<< MORE >>

Forget Tim Tebow, shouldn’t Gators erect statue of bail bondsman?

It’s great that the Florida Gators will build bronze statues outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium that will honor Tim Tebow, Danny Wuerffel and Steve Spurrier, but aren’t the Gators forgetting somebody? How about a statue for the two most important people in the program – the Unnamed Bail Bondsman and Huntley Johnson, the legendary local attorney who traditionally gets all of UF’s football players out of trouble when they get arrested? The latest player to get arrested and suspended from all team activities is up-and-coming wide receiver Frankie Hammond, who was arrested for DUI last weekend when police said he was speeding, swerving and driving with two open bottles of Crown Royal whiskey in his car. I know many college students drink and drive, but isn’t there a deeper problem when a guy is driving around with two open bottles of blended Canadian whiskey? If this is the type of binge drinking that UF football players do, it’s no wonder that former defensive end Carlos Dunlap became one of the biggest goats in UF athletic history when he fell asleep at a red light, was arrested for DUI and missed the SEC Championship Game last December. It’s hard to keep track of all the arrests, but this is believed to be the the 28th football player to be charged with a crime since Florida coach Urban Meyer took over as coach in 2005. I know players from other programs also get arrested, but not at this rate.<< MORE >>

Will The Tim Tebow Media Circus Create Resentment Among Fellow Broncos?

Off the field, Tebow walks proudly with regard to his devout Christian beliefs. He combines a humble exterior with a constant devoutness to evangelical Christianity and the mission of his father Bob Tebow’s evangelistic ministry in the Philippines, which boasts fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible. He made news during his senior year when he wore the name and number of Biblical verses on his eye black during games. He consistently refers to God's grace as the reason for his success and these outspoken beliefs have not settled well with some members of his football fraternity. “I don’t want any part of him or the circus,” one AFC front office executive told Yahoo! Sports Michael Silver. “At some point as a team, don’t you have to be concerned with what comes with him? The guy has never met a microphone he didn’t like and he’s obviously got a message. I think he needs to go away and hide for awhile.” During the administration of the Wonderlic test to Tebow's group, he made a request that the players bow their heads in prayer before taking the 50-question exam. One of the players reportedly said, "Shut the f—k up" to a roomful of laughter.<< MORE >>

Josh McDaniels: 'No doubt' that Kyle Orton is Denver Broncos' starting QB

Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn will get their shots in Broncos training camp. But Denver coach Josh McDaniels said this weekend there is no doubt who the team's starter is entering training camp. Kyle Orton. "We've got a guy who's going to go into camp as the starter, no question about it and he deserves it," McDaniels said. "If somebody comes in there and plays better than he does then that player will play." Orton started 15 games for the Broncos last year. The team then traded for Quinn in March and drafted Tebow in the first round. McDaniels said he welcomes the competition both will provide Orton in camp. But he left no ambiguity about the veteran's role on a team suddenly flush with big-name QBs. "He is the starter, no doubt," McDaniels said of Orton.<< MORE >>

Tebow continues to struggle with mechanics

We recently pointed out Peter King's article in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, which features a close look at the ongoing effort to make Tim Tebow into an NFL quarterback. Among other things, King's article shows that Tebow has been slipping into his old throwing motion during some practice reps. As Mike Klis of the Denver Post points out, this fact conflicts with coach Josh McDaniels' insistence that Tebow has shown no problems with his mechanics. We get the impression that, while the Broncos will continue to try to ensure that Tebow demonstrates proper mechanics at the NFL level, the team is willing to accept the fact that, from time to time, he'll rely on the muscle memory resulting from thousands and thousands of throws made with his prior motion. But that doesn't mean the Broncos won't try to change him — or that they'll pretend that the effort to do so already has been completed.<< MORE >>

Trade News Not Heard On The Wire – Dwight Howard For Tim Tebow?

Could the Orlando Magic be looking to make a Superman swap? According to a few high-level unnamed sources, Orlando General Manager, Otis Smith, is growing ever more frustrated with the lack of leadership in his club. As beloved as the jovial and good-humored Dwight Howard is to the Magic fan base, his inability to bring a championship home to Orlando has Otis questioning whether or not he is the man of the future. With Dwight looking to spend his offseason making nice with Shaq and playing Hollywood, the stereotype of Dwight as a kid that just wants to goof around will only continue to be perpetuated. The Magic are said to be looking to make the type of unconventional move that will help put them over the top. If the team really hopes to achieve the highest level of NBA success then there is truly only one option that they can plausibly pursue. Trading Dwight Howard for Tim Tebow.<< MORE >>

Very little of Tim Tebow's game projects to the NFL

Once the preseason starts, we'll all get to see for ourselves how Tim Tebow looks in a Denver Broncos uniform, and we won't have to speculate based on the tape of Tebow's games at Florida. But until then, it's always interesting to see how people who have spent a lot of time studying that tape view Tebow. And Greg Cosell, the creator and executive producer of the NFL Matchup show that we hope has a future on television, came away unimpressed from his own film study of Tebow. "On film, there is very little in Tebow's game that projects well at this point to the NFL," Cosell tells Ross Tucker in an interview at SI.com. "I could never draft a quarterback in the first round who does not show on tape the skill set and physical attributes that are demanded in the NFL." Cosell says that as a passer, Tebow simply isn't on an NFL level.<< MORE >>

Throwing Cole on QB fire

So I mention Jason Cole's opinion at Yahoo! Sports not to provoke hate mail for either him or me, although in especially orange quarters it probably will. I mention it to offer a counterweight to the local exuberance of the various campaigns. Cole writes from a national perspective for Yahoo. The other day, he ranked all 32 teams by their quarterbacks. The big news was the Steelers slipped from top four to seventh because of Ben Roethlisberger's suspension. The Broncos? Cole had them 29th. "What do you get when you combine Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow?" he asked. "A backup, a flop and a prayer." I'm ducking for cover already. Even Cole admitted he might have taken a little literary license. "Yeah, that's harsh, but let's face reality," he went on.<< MORE >>

Tebow coming to Denver out of left field

Brock Huard quickly returned a phone message. “I don’t get a chance to talk about left-handed quarterbacks much,” Huard said. "You don’t see it much. I go to a lot of youth football camps and the quarterbacks are almost always right-handed. It seems all the lefties are playing baseball. ... I’m interested to see Tim Tebow because we lefties are hard to come by.” Huard, now a college football analyst for ESPN, is a member of a rare club. He was a southpaw gunslinger as a backup in Seattle and Indianapolis from 1999-2004. The NFL is a right-handed quarterback’s game. Only 12 left-handed quarterback have started more than 50 NFL games. << MORE >>

Tim Tebow haters (including hot chicks at bars) unite at TebowHaters.com

A die-hard Canes alum, Molly Jones, pulls a fast one on Tim Tebow...

Josh McDaniels's decision to draft Tim Tebow in the first round of the NFL draft has been the subject of debate this off-season so far — and around here, plenty of fans are warming up to the pick. But don't fool yourself: There are legions of pigskin addicts who absolutely despise Timbo, and their ire is being noticed far from either Denver or Florida, when he played his college ball. Example: "Denver Broncos Tim Tebow Blasted By Hot Chick at Bar," a San Francisco Chronicle piece highlighting the entertainingly over-the-top vitriol that flows from a website called TebowHaters.com.<< MORE >>

Tebow's a nice guy-but what's that got to do with it?

McDaniels and John Gruden say Tebow is a “good guy” and he has qualities that can’t be taught. So just because you’re a good guy makes you a first-round draft pick? If we base our picks on someone being a good guy, then anybody could be picked. My dad, who knows nothing about football or even cares, is a good guy–but should he be the quarterback of the Denver Broncos? I feel the Broncos’ No. 25 overall pick deserves an F. Tebow preaches more about religion than hard work. I have nothing against his beliefs, but it gets old after hearing them over and over again. You might as well call him Reverend Tebow and give him a black robe and white collar instead of a jersey. Do you remember in Little League or Pop Warner that one kid that always got to play because he kissed ass to the coaches? That is what Tebow reminds me of, with that brown residue on his nose. I want to see someone get drafted for the work they put in to get there and because they will really be able to make the team stronger. << MORE >>

Reality Check on the McDaniels Era

If McDaniels chose Tebow to get himself job security...then shame on him. If he chose him out of some sense of ego or his man crush on the guy then its inexcusable. He ignored major needs to draft Tebow and the team as well as its dedicated fans are the ones who are going to suffer. The last two drafts will go down as tremendous missed opportunities. Kinda wish we would have chosen an established NFL Coach....and avoided the growing pains of McDaniels. Maybe John Gruden will want the job in 2011 or 2012.<< MORE >>

Tim Tebow opens OTAs as Broncos' No. 4 QB

First-round pick Tim Tebow opened OTAs as the Broncos' No. 4 quarterback. He's behind Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn, and Tom Brandstater. It's worth noting that speculation in Denver has Orton on the trade block, which would perhaps move Quinn to the forefront for Week 1 starting duties. Tebow is a project in the truest sense, so he may still not move up the depth chart quickly. << MORE >>

Keeping Score For Tim Tebow

I am in a pissed-off mood, I admit. I'm sick of the anti-Tim Tebow sentiment out there. I know the criticism has just begun and it will only get worse but please! Why does a guy who has done everything right become a villain? The answer: We live in a backwards world. I'm cool with that. I'm used to that. People have a right to their opinion and you certainly have a right to say whether or not you think a player will make it in the NFL. Some people have expressed their opinion using outright vitriol and others have expressed their opinion being articulate and reasonable. I'm cool with being reasonable but I don't want anything to do with your vitriol. << MORE >>

Broncos vets are ready for first look at Tebow, the Mile-High Messiah

Tim Tebow will make a first impression this week. The Denver Broncos' first organized team activity, combining veterans and rookies, is Tebow's first chance to meet his non-rookie teammates. Like Kyle Orton, whose job he may take. And Brady Quinn — whom he met once at the ESPYs — another member of the Broncos three-headed quarterback competition. And it's a chance for the Denver veterans to get their first look at the phenomenon that is Tebow. If they want to engage in any early bird rookie hazing, there's plenty of material, just 25 days into Tebow's NFL career. << MORE >>

If You're a Broncos Offensive Lineman, Now's The Time to Stop Playing Other Sports

Josh McDaniels already has enough to worry about coming into the 2010 season, having decided to trade his team's most talented player, Brandon Marshall, for picks only to then draft divisive prospect Tim Tebow with the presumed goal of making him into the Broncos franchise quarterback within the next few years. On top of all that, he probably doesn't need multiple offensive linemen to be felled while engaging in sports that aren't football. Last month, the standout young left tackle Ryan Clady suffered a partially torn patellar tendon during a game of basketball. The injury will likely sideline him through at least the preseason. And if matters with their linemen couldn't get more grim, Matt McChesney too has now been hit with a serious ankle injury, one that could spell the end of his career. McChesney had been playing golf recently when, stepping out of a golf cart, he had his ankle rolled by another cart. The same ankle which had to be surgically repaired after last season. << MORE >>

Denver Broncos Tim Tebow blasted by hot chick at bar

Denver Broncos 1st Round NFL Draft Pick Quarterback Tim Tebow brings out the best and the worst opinions from football fans. During his college career at The University of Florida, Tebow had scores of "haters" and so many there's a website home for them called "Tebow Haters" at TebowHaters.com. Tebowhaters.com so hates Time Tebow they've got a wealth of material which dates back to 2006 and have joined in with The Bleacher Report for a "bust watch" clock on for Tim now that the Oakland Raiders have released their 2007 1st Round Pick JaMarcus Russell. Bleacher Report states: Remember that the Broncos traded three draft picks for Tebow; the most for one player in the NFL Draft since Ryan Leaf. Meaning that, if Tebow turns into a bust, Tebow will be a shoo-in to surpass Leaf. The heat is now on Tebow. Tim Tebow's so hated he was even blasted by this hot chick at Aventine bar in San Francisco on Cinco De Mayo, and Tebow wasn't even there. << MORE >>

With JaMarcus Russell Done, Bust Watch Turns To Tim Tebow

In this cursory review, I will traverse through a series of topics that I believe to be facets of the success or failure of NFL quarterbacks in general, and JaMarcus Russell in particular. Now that the Oakland Raiders have officially made JaMarcus Russell an all-time bust by releasing him, Denver's Tim Tebow is now on the clock of the "Bust Watch." Remember that the Broncos traded three draft picks for Tebow; the most for one player in the NFL Draft since Ryan Leaf. Meaning that, if Tebow turns into a bust, Tebow will be a shoo-in to surpass Leaf. The heat is now on Tebow.<< MORE >>

Ray Lewis "shocked" by the help Tim Tebow has received

We've previously pointed out that Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow could spark contempt and resentment in an NFL locker room. Recent comments from Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis hone in on one of the specific potential sources for the hard feelings players may have for Tebow. That Tebow is somehow better or more worthy than the rest of them. Asked by ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd whether Lewis was shocked by the media attention on the Tebow story prior to the draft, Lewis said (via NFL.com), "The thing I was more shocked by is you see all the people who were willing to help him. I don't know many people who were willing to help other athletes like that. Jon Gruden loved him to death. You see all these people who took out their personal time to really work with him and make this big issue, big issue, big issue. I don't know why he was any different than anyone else. Every young child has that dream, that same dream that Tebow had. So I don't know why he was bigger . . . than any of the other guys. "He went to a big program, and, yes, he might be a favorable person, but nobody else in the league, definitely not veteran players, see themselves differently than any other player."<< MORE >>

Dan Marino wonders if Tim Tebow will revert to 'old habits' as a pro QB

Tebow won the Heisman Trophy in 2007 but his skills as a pro are in question. He's in the middle of changing his throwing motion, and analysts are split on whether he can be a good pro. Marino told NFL.com it could be a difficult transition: "No one is perfect. I wasn't always perfect. You get sloppy sometimes. It still comes down to making throws. Can he make those throws in tough situations? "Yeah, you can be taught to a certain extent. The problem with that, I always tell people, as a quarterback your whole life you've been doing it a certain way. "Now, you're 22 or 23 years old, and it's hard to change. It's really hard to change. Sometimes, under duress, you go back to your old habits." << MORE >>

Broncos, Josh McDaniels "Death Clock" Begins with Tim Tebow Selection

For better or worse, Tim Tebow is going to be the most talked about white Bronco since OJ Simpson and Al Cowlings went on their joyride. When the Denver Broncos traded three picks (2nd, 3rd, and 4th round) to the Baltimore Ravens to get back on the clock at No. 25 overall, coach Josh McDaniels set in motion his own death clock . Not only did the Broncos reach to get Tebow in the first round, but they did so in a way that dismantled the core of their 2010 draft picks. It's only a matter of days until sports bookies start taking prop bets on when McDaniel's "death clock" in Denver expires. Over/under two years? I'll take the action on the under. << MORE >>